Integrated Science

Table of Contents

1st Term

Science 科學 Sci-ence
Scientific Investigation 科學探究 Sci-en-tif-ic In-ves-ti-ga-tion
Fair Test 公平測試 Fair Test
Hypothesis 假設 Hy-poth-e-sis
Invention 發明 In-ven-tion
Discovery 發現 Dis-cov-er-y
Conclusion 結論 Con-clu-sion
Experiment 實驗 Ex-per-i-ment
Laboratory 實驗室 Lab-o-ra-to-ry
Variable 變數 Var-i-a-ble
Variation 差異 Var-i-a-tion
Characteristic 特徵 Char-ac-ter-is-tic
Observation 觀察 Ob-ser-va-tion
Classification 分類 Clas-si-fi-ca-tion
Key 檢索表 Key
Microscope 顯索鏡 Mi-cro-scope
Living Thing 生物 Liv-ing Thing
Animal 動物 An-i-mal
Habitat 生境 Hab-i-tat
Endangered Species 瀕臨絕種生物 En-dan-gered Spe-cies
Extinction 絕種 ex-tinc-tion
Amphibian 兩棲類 Am-phi-bi-an
Reptile 爬行類 Rep-tile
Mammal 哺乳類 Mam-mal
Fish 魚類 Fish
Bird 鳥類 Bird
Plant 植物 Plant
Flowering Plant 有花植物 Flow-er-ing Plant
Non-flowering Plant 無花植物 Non-flow-er-ing Plant
Backbone 脊椎 Back-bone
Vertebrate 脊椎動物 Ver-te-brate
Invertebrate 無脊椎動物 In-ver-te-brate
Non-living Thing 非生物 Non-liv-ing thing
Cell 細胞 Cell
Cell Division 細胞分裂 Cell Di-vi-sion
Implantation 植入 Im-plan-ta-tion

2nd Term

conservation 環境保護 con-ser-va-tion
Renewable energy source 可再生能源 Re-new-able en-er-gy source
non-renewable energy source 不可再生能源 non-re-new-able en-er-gy source
fossil fuel 化石燃料 fos-sil fuel
Science 科學 Sci-ence
chemical energy 化學能 chem-i-cal en-er-gy
gravitational potential energy 引力勢能 gra-vi-ta-tion-al po-ten-tial en-er-gy
light energy 光能 light en-er-gy
geothermal energy 地熱能 geo-ther-mal en-er-gy
kinetic energy 動能 ki-ne-tic en-er-gy
potential energy 勢能 po-ten-tial en-er-gy
electrical energy 電能 e-lec-tri-cal en-er-gy
heat energy 熱能 heat en-er-gy
sound energy 聲能 sound en-er-gy
uncontrolled energy change 失控的能量轉換 un-con-trolled en-er-gy change
controlled energy change 受控制的能量轉換 con-trolled en-er-gy change
energy converter 能量轉換器 en-er-gy con-ver-ter
in vitro fertilisation 人工受孕 in vit-ro fer-til-i-sa-tion
menstruation / period 月經 mens-tru-a-tion / pe-ri-od
menstrual cycle 月經週期 mens-tru-al cy-cle
parental care 父母的關顧 par-en-tal care
reproduction 生殖作用 re-pro-duc-tion
reproductive system 生殖系統 re-pro-duc-tive sys-tem
egg 卵子 egg
fertilisation 受精作用 fer-til-i-sa-tion
sex cell 性細胞 sex cell
sexually transmitted disease (STD) 性傳染病 sex-u-al-ly trans-mit-ted dis-ease (STD)
puberty 青春期 pu-ber-ty
family planning 家庭計劃 fam-i-ly plan-ning
secondary sexual characteristic 第二性徵 sec-on-dary sex-u-al char-ac-ter-is-tic
reproductive system 生殖系統 re-pro-duc-tive sys-tem
birth control 節育 birth con-trol
wet dream 夢遺 wet dream
sperm 精子 sperm
abortion 墮胎 a-bor-tion
heredity 遺傳 hered-i-ty
pregnancy 懷孕 preg-nan-cy

3rd Term

air pressure 大氣壓力 air pres-sure
Brownian motion 布朗運動 Brown-i-an mo-tion
Bourdon gauge 布爾登氣壓計 Bour-don gauge
Pascal 帕斯卡 Pas-cal
gas pressure 氣壓 gas pres-sure
state of matter 物態 state of mat-ter
so-lid 固體 so-lid
liquid 液體 liq-uid
gas 氣體 gas
boiling point 沸點 boil-ing point
melting point 熔點 melt-ing point
matter 物質 matter
atom 原子 atom
particle 粒子 par-ti-cle
particle theory 粒子理論 par-ti-cle the-o-ry
particle model 粒子模型 par-ti-cle mo-del
density 密度 den-si-ty
thermal expansion and contraction 熱脹冷縮 ther-mal ex-pan-sion and con-trac-tion
mass 質量 mass
freezing 凝固 freez-ing
melting 熔解 melt-ing
bimetallic strip 雙層金屬片 bi-met-al-lic strip
thermostat 恆?器 ther-mo-stat
soluble 可溶的 so-lu-ble
insoluble 不可溶的 in-so-lu-ble
sedimentation 沉積法 sed-i-men-ta-tion
filtration 過濾法 fil-tra-tion
filtrate 濾液 fil-trate
sediment 沉積物 sed-i-ment
residue 殘餘物 res-i-due
distillation 蒸餾法 dis-til-la-tion
condensation 凝結 con-den-sa-tion
chlorination 加氯處理 chlo-ri-na-tion
fluoridation 加氟處理 flu-o-ri-da-tion
distillate 餾液 dis-til-late
evaporation 蒸發 e-vap-o-ra-tion
water cycle 水循環 wa-ter cy-cle
dissolve 溶解 dis-solve
solution 溶液 so-lu-tion
solute 溶質 so-lute
solvent 溶劑 sol-vent
saturated solution 飽和溶液 sat-u-rat-ed so-lu-tion
solubility 溶解度 so-lu-bil-i-ty
crys-tal 晶體 crys-tal
crystallisation 結晶法 crys-tal-li-sa-tion