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addition 加法 ad-di-tion
subtraction 減法 sub-trac-tion
multiplication 乘法 mul-ti-pli-ca-tion
division 除法 di-vi-sion
algebraic fraction 代數分式 al-ge-bra-ic frac-tion
denominator 分母 de-nom-i-nator
numerator 分子 nu-mer-a-tor
identity 恒等式 iden-ti-ty
factorization 因式分解 fac-to-ri-za-tion
common factor 公因式 com-mon fac-tor
lowest common multiple (LCM) 最小公倍數 low-est com-mon mul-ti-ple (LCM)
simplify 解化 sim-pli-fy
expression 算式 ex-pres-sion
formula 公式 for-mu-la
substitution 代入法 sub-sti-tu-tion
change of subject 主項變換 change of sub-ject
make x the subject of the formula 使x成為方程的主項 make x the sub-ject of the for-mu-la
base base
height height
lateral face 側面 lat-er-al face
polygon 多邊形 po-ly-gon
prism 棱柱 prism
total area of all lateral faces 所有側面面積 to-tal area of all la-te-ral faces
circle circle
radius 半徑 ra-di-us
diameter 直徑 di-am-e-ter
centre 圓心 cen-tre
angle at centre 圓心角 an-gle at cen-tre
arc length arc length
cylinder 圓柱體 cy-lin-der
cylindrical 圓柱形的 cy-lin-dri-cal
sector 扇形 sec-tor
perimeter 周界 per-i-me-ter
circumference 圓形 cir-cum-fer-ence
total surface area 總表面面積 total surface area
uniform cross-section 均勻橫切面 uni-form cross-sec-tion
curved surface area 曲面面積 curved sur-face area