Character Education

Tung Wah Moral Education Class (S.1-3)
  • Understanding the development of Tung Wah Group of Hospitals and its role in society


  • Familiarizing students with the core values of Tung Wah and practicing them in daily life


  • Cultivating a positive and proactive outlook on life, contributing to society, and broadening their global perspective

Morning Assembly Speech (School-wide)

Teachers and students alike share character education insights during the morning assembly, Using real-life scenarios and examples to promote positive values. 

Love Campus Cleanliness Competition (School-wide)

Reminding students to maintain a clean classroom and cultivate a good habit of caring for the campus environment (School-wide).

(二) Plan Content
  1. Daily Classroom Cleaning:

    Each class will assign two duty students responsible for the cleanliness and environmental care of the classroom. The tasks include:

    - Wiping the blackboard with a damp cloth before and after each class.

    - Turning off electronic devices such as projectors, lights, fans, and air conditioning before leaving for special rooms or lunchtime.

    - Encouraging classmates to tidy up the classroom after lunch to maintain cleanliness.

    - Ensuring the classroom is properly cleaned within 10 minutes before dismissal.

    - Cleaning the blackboard with a damp cloth.

    - Sweeping and cleaning up any trash on the floor, and mopping if there are stains.

    - Clearing any clutter on teacher's desks, computer desks, and storage cabinets.

    - Arranging the desks and chairs neatly and, if necessary, cleaning them with a damp cloth.

    - Turning off all power sources before leaving the classroom.

    - Reporting any damage to classroom facilities to the class teacher or guidance and discipline team immediately.

    Love Campus Cleanliness Competition:

    Competition Content:

    1. Arranging a "Clean Week" once a month or every two months to remind students about classroom cleanliness. (Please refer to the notes section on the following page for specific dates).

    1. During the clean week, the guidance and discipline committee will arrange student moral ambassadors to inspect the classrooms and record their cleanliness.

    1. The committee will calculate the "cleanliness index" of each class during the clean week and announce the monthly results on the electronic bulletin board.

    1. Commendations will be given to the classes with the highest average cleanliness index per grade level at the end of each semester.

    1. If the cleanliness of a classroom does not meet the expected standards, the whole class may be required to stay after school for cleaning the following day.

    Cleanliness Index:

    Assessment Criteria:

    The cleanliness index is divided into five categories, with a maximum of 5 points, 3 points for average, and 0 points for poor in each category:

    1. Cleanliness of the blackboard.
    2. Cleanliness of the floor (no garbage or stains, including chalk debris).
    3. Cleanliness of teacher's desks, computer desks, and storage cabinets (no clutter).
    4. Cleanliness of student desks and chairs (neatly arranged).
    5. Other aspects (neatly drawn curtains, properly hung bulletin boards, etc.).

    - If students have personal items in their drawers or on hooks, half a point will be deducted per item, with a maximum deduction of 5 points per day.

    - The higher the cleanliness index, the cleaner the classroom, with a maximum score of 25 points for the entire day.

Organizing Character Education Lectures (School-wide)

For example: "Independent Commission Against Corruption Lecture," "Inclusive Education Lecture on Integration of Students with and without Disabilities."

"My Action Commitment Plan" (Form 1)
  • Through this plan, Form 1 students are encouraged to set goals and enhance their personal qualities in the areas of "gratitude, diligence, and adherence to rules."

Inter-class Positive Video Competition (Form 4)

Encouraging students to film videos at home that convey optimistic and positive messages. They can participate in the Education Bureau's "Campus Cleanliness Short Film Production Competition."