Overall Objective:

Character and civic education is an important learning experience in cultivating students' holistic development. The primary goal of our committee is to help students establish positive values and develop a proactive attitude.

Core Values:

Our focus is on cultivating ten essential values and attitudes in students, namely: Perseverance, Respect for Others, Sense of Responsibility, National Identity, Spirit of Responsibility, Integrity, Care and Concern, Law-abiding, Empathy, and Diligence. We aim to help students develop correct values so that they can objectively analyze and make sound judgments when facing challenges.

Key Development Goals at Each Level:

Form 1: Self-awareness and personal growth, diligence, adherence to rules and regulations, national identity.

Form 2: Self-discipline in learning, friendship with classmates, empathy, adherence to rules and regulations, national identity.

Form 3: Social responsibility, resilience, perseverance, national identity.

Form 4: Integrity, fairness, active participation in serving classmates and the school community, sense of responsibility.

Form 5: Assuming leadership responsibilities, concern for society, care and concern, spirit of responsibility.

Form 6: Respect for others, fulfilling civic obligations, serving the community, respect for others, spirit of responsibility.