Language Across Curriculum (LAC)

In order to enable students to use English effectively, we have implemented interdisciplinary English courses to enhance students' English proficiency and confidence, as well as to strengthen their understanding of different subjects.

To provide opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with English vocabulary and sentence structures in various academic areas, we have collaborated with the Language Support Unit of the Education Bureau. By utilizing the resources of the Enhanced English Learning Program, we have integrated interdisciplinary English courses to create a rich English environment. This allows students not only to grasp the basic concepts of different subjects such as history, geography, mathematics, science, and life and society, but also to apply English vocabulary and sentence structures.

In the Form 1 interdisciplinary course, the English Language, Home Economics, Geography, and Integrated Science subjects focus on topics such as "low-carbon cooking," "travel itineraries," and "energy conservation." Students learn to write imperative sentences.

English teachers teach the grammar rules of writing imperative sentences and related vocabulary, and then Home Economics, Geography, and Integrated Science teachers lead students in designing related tasks.

Through collaborative learning, students can effectively apply the relevant sentence structures and vocabulary, achieving the goal of "learning by doing."