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TWGHs Mrs Fung Wong Fung Ting College Parent-Teacher Association (PTA)
  • School education and family education are both crucial for the growth of adolescents, and they complement each other. In Hong Kong, education has been continuously improving alongside societal progress. Parents not only care about their children's lives and learning at school but also the impact of societal changes on their children, including changes in attitudes, behavior, and values. In fact, parents play an active role in fulfilling the educational function within the family.


    A positive parent-child relationship brings joy and a sense of security to children. When children receive support and trust from their family, they can develop self-confidence and self-esteem, walking confidently on their educational journey. Through close collaboration between parents and the school, children can thrive and overcome setbacks without losing heart. They learn not to shrink back when faced with problems but to courageously confront difficulties and seek solutions.


    Our school's Parent-Teacher Association was established in June 1997. The purpose of the association is to provide opportunities for parents to assist in nurturing their children, facilitate communication between parents and the school, seek parental opinions on school matters, and combine the strengths of families and schools to ensure the joyful growth of children during their learning stage. The association is jointly managed by teachers and parents, and various types of lectures, workshops, and parent-child activities are organized based on the needs of parents each year. Through these activities, parents can express their opinions, provide suggestions to the school, and deepen their understanding of their children. Teachers can also gain insights into students' home situations through these activities, enabling them to arrange student learning and foster their holistic development. We hope that parents will support the activities organized by our association, and together we can nurture successful children.

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