Our School's Class Allocation and Characteristics

Our school boasts highly qualified teachers, with over 50 educators holding education diplomas, Bachelor's or Master's degrees. In addition, we have 2 Laboratory Technicians, 5 Teaching Assistants, 1 School Technical Support Services Officer, 7 Administrative staff, and 11 school janitors.
From S.1 to S.6, our school has a total of 24 classes with approximately 700 students.

Class Structure

Our class structure for the 2023-2024 academic year is as follows:

  S.1 S.2 S.3 S.4 S.5 S.6 Total
2023-2024 4 4 4 4 4 4 24

Our school actively promotes school-based management and provides quality education. We emphasize teamwork and encourage teachers to participate in school administration. Through the Student Union and Parent-Teacher Association, we strengthen communication between the school, parents and students. We actively cultivate students' leadership and organizational skills and emphasize moral education.

Our students regularly participate in various inter-school competitions and public events, such as the Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation's inter-school competitions, Hong Kong School Speech Festival, Shatin Outstanding Athlete Award.