Educational Goals

Cognitive Development

Our aim is to help students learn fundamental knowledge and develop language and mathematical skills. We also strive to cultivate problem-solving, creative, critical thinking, and self-directed learning abilities. Additionally, we aim to instill positive attitudes towards learning and foster confidence in students to approach all areas of study with assurance.

Social and Emotional Development

We are committed to helping students develop personal character traits such as autonomy, self-reflection, self-esteem, self-respect, and respect for others. We also aim to instill correct values and help students determine their life goals. In addition, we help students inherit traditional Chinese virtues such as respecting teachers and valuing education. We also work towards strengthening civic awareness and promoting understanding of society and the world. Moreover, we aim to enhance students' sense of belonging and respect for their families, schools, society, and culture. Lastly, we assist students in adapting to society and improving their communication skills.


Physical and Cultural Development

We aim to help students understand the importance of physical and mental health and develop an appreciation for aesthetics. We also strive to encourage students' interests and develop their artistic talents in music, dance, fine arts, design, and literature.