Invitational Education

Invitational Education, advocated by American education scholars William W. Purkey and Betty L. Siegel, is a humanistic and love-based educational philosophy. It aligns perfectly with our school's long-standing educational beliefs, as we firmly believe that every individual is unique, responsible, and has the potential to achieve success.

Following the development model advocated by Invitational Education, our school, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Fung Wong Fung Ting College, incorporates the elements of trust, respect, optimism, and care in both academic and non-academic realms. Through the implementation of the 5 Ps (Policy, People, Place, Programs, Process), we create a conducive learning environment that maximizes student potential.

Our school has been honored with the "International Invitational Award" by the International Alliance for Invitational Education. This recognition signifies the endorsement of our educational philosophy and is the result of collective efforts by our staff, students, and parents.

Looking forward, our school aims to harness the strengths of each member and continue to create a better learning environment for students through collaborations, exchanges, and sharing with the educational community.